Diagnostic et traitements
10° International Pediatric Renal Tumour Biology Conference

Palais du Pharo, Marseille

Du 23 au 25 septembre 2020


  • Com and co, Manon Algoud
  • Tèl. : +33 (0)7 79 45 38 33

This informal conference will host international experts (clinicians and biologists) and younger researchers in the field of translational research of pediatric renal tumours (Wilms and Non-Wilms). The conference will reveal recent knowledge on tumourigenesis, biomarkers, tumour models, and new drug development all attempted to bridge to clinical relevance.

Why attend?
  • If you are a busy clinician that needs a superb update and overview of renal tumour biology.
  • If you are an experienced or young researcher that wants to share and discuss research data.
  • If you want to better understand and explore new avenues for risk stratification and novel therapies.
  • If you want to meet friendly and skilled colleagues and/or potentially get involved in research.
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